gangs and posse’s

I had just moved from a big city with lots of gang problems and thought it would be different here. So I was having some anxiety the other day because up the street there had been a drive by shooting about every two weeks, some gang turf thing. and then there was a single shot … Continue reading gangs and posse’s

servants or sons and daughters?

I love to sing, but I am tone deaf so I don’t sing in public, especially at church. One day when I was singing very quietly in a worship service, lest anyone hear me, I said I wish I could just sing praise to you from my heart without this really aweful voice. Jesus said … Continue reading servants or sons and daughters?

What will my life be like if i follow Jesus?

Jesus has not promised us an easy life or one that makes sense to us, He has promised that He will go through it with us and work through us, He has promised us great rewards for following Him, and we don’t have to end up in hell, which I was surely going to do. … Continue reading What will my life be like if i follow Jesus?